Older Publications (2010 - 2002) Listed below

Problems with partial solutions in contact centres

Journal of Customer & Contact Centre Management, Vol 1, No 1, 30 Nov 2010

Taxing Digital Britain into the slow lane?

Computing 05 Oct 2010

Rhetoric, reality and the quest for better broadband

Matt Warman, Consumer Technology Editor 7:15AM BST 30 Sep 2010

A Measure of Machine Intelligence

IEEE, Measure of Machine Intelligence article, 10 September 2010

Why We Need Fiber: Why Do People Care About Bandwidth?

Peter Cochrane, Broadband Properties Magazine, September 2010

Amadeus Gold Rush 2020 Travel Report

With contributions from Peter Cochrane

Making a call on a mobile? Surely not

Shane Richmond, Telegraph, 12 Aug 2010

Artificial intelligence: will we be aware when we've made a breakthrough?

Computing, 08 Jul 2010

Beyond seeing is believing

BCS EVA Conference, London, 5-7 July 2010 Proceedings pp 23-25, 28 June 2010

Our sinister silicon insiders

Peter Cochrane, 360°IT, http://www.360itevent.com, 25 June 2010

Offline: The invisible underclass

Tim Walker, The Independent, http://www.independent.co.uk, 19 May 2010

A rock and a tardy place

Peter Cochrane, 360 IT, www.360itevent.com, 14 May 2010

UK lacking in IT infrastructure says 360°IT Infrastructure Event expert

Neil Stinchcombe, Eskenzi PR, www.360itevent.com, 1 April 2010

Why data's safe in the cloud labyrinth

Peter Cochrane, www.360itevent.com, 11 Mar 2010

College of 2020 - what the experts think

Kim Thomas, page 6, The Guardian, Becta Supplement, 9 Mar 2010


Telcos must transform their businesses to stop slide in profits

Peter Cochrane, ComputerWeekly.com, 22 Dec 2009

How sensors will become home helpers

Danny Bradbury, SmartHealthcare.com, 4 Nov 2009

Future CIOs must think strategically

Linda More, Computing, 29 Sep 2009

Coping with life in the broadband slow lane

FT.com, 10 July 2009

The Future of Connectivity

Club of Amsterdam event at the RSA, London, UK, 25 June 2009

Futurologist: It's time to join forces with machines

PC Pro, 22 June 2009

The Promise of Collaborative Technologies

Smart Enterprise Exchange (smartenterpriseexchange.com), June 2009

Ask the Experts: Should I embrace the cloud?

Weighing up the pros and cons, Silicon.com, 4 April 2009


Milestone Group Quarterly Q12009 20 February 2009

Carter report: missed opportunity and muddled thinking on UK broadband

Voice and Data Services, ComputerWeekly.com, 2 February 2009



Digital Identity Management: Technological, Business and Social Implications (foreword)

Peter Cochrane, 9 July 2007

Motorists hit back on road pricing

Gemma Simpson, Silicon.com, 18 June 2007

A Journey into the Future of Communications

Kevin D Forgarty, 16 May 2007

PERSONAL VIEW: China's reverse brain-drain

Peter Cochrane, Financial Times, 9 May 2007

Ireland 'lagging' on flexible work

Ronan McGreevy, The Irish Times, 19 Apr 2007

Interview: give staff the keys to IT

Lem Bingley, IT Week, 10 Apr 2007

On cutting online fraud

Peter Cochrane, Talking point letter on cutting online fraud, Computing.co.uk 22 March 2007

Banking Fraud - we need the will to stop it

Peter Cochrane, Financial Times Digital Business, Wednesday 14 March 2007, page 2


27 February 2007

The Children of The Revolution

Janine Milne, Computing Business, 18 January 2007

We all make misstakes

Keith Ryan, Real Business Insights, January 2007


Fibre Vs Financial Constipation...

Andrew Ball, The Potchery, 6th October 2006

Net Neutrality or Suicide?

Volume 96, Number 10, Proceedings of the IEEE, October 2006

Photos: Quotes of the day - CIO Forum

Will Sturgeon, Silicon.com, 26th September 2006

Olympia Conference Keynote Peter Cochrane

Seemless Freedom 18 May 06

It Managers Fix Faults 'By Guessing'

ContractorUK.com, 4th April 2006

Working in IT akin to 'prison sentence'

Maxwell Cooter, Techworld, 31 March 2006

The Rise And Rise Of Peter Cochrane

Bill Robinson, The Register, 22nd March 2006

Free broadband from Supermarkets

Kelvin Chan, The New Zealand Herald, 7 February 2006

ETel Conference: Peter Cochrane's Future

Bruce Stewart, The San Francisco Airport Marriott Hotel, 24-26 January 2006

Day One reflections - Emerging Telephony

Stuart Henshall, The San Francisco Airport Marriott Hotel, 24-26 January 2006

I robot: put your feet up, I do chores

The Times, Stuart Miles, 17th January 2006


BT ex- CTO 'for sale' on eBay

The Register, Tim Richardson, 8th November 2005

Banking On New Technology

12th September 2005

Bottom Up Wins, Top Down Loses!

12th September 2005

Ref: Uncommon Sense about Technology

The Chartered Institute of Marketing, 2005

A Demanding Matter

CSA World, volume 12, issue 1 2005

The Futurologists : The Tomorrow People

The Observer, Technology Magazine, 24th July 2005

View From The Front

IBM Vision Magazine, Spring 2005

Winning Start, Standing Room Only for TechnologyWorld05 Launch

Export (an Overseas Trade supplement), April-July 2005

Why Progress Requires Ambition And Risk

Financial Times, 11 March 2005

What Drives Entrepreneurialism?

What Drives Entrepreneurialism?

Killer Sales Presentations 2

CIM, 8 February 2004-5


Event Launch Does The Business

TechnologyWorld05, 13th December 2004

Transforming Somerset - Raising the game

Conference Summary 2004

The Battle of The Bits - The Need For More

CIM Conference, 9th November 2004

Transforming Somerset - Raising the game

Your Somerset, 15th October 2004

CIM will stage major conference in Suffolk CIM conference

The East Anglian Daily Time, 5th October 2004

Visions of tomorrow

The Independant, Charles Arthur, 18th August 2004

Technology prophet reveals his 2020 vision for Higher Education

Network, Summer 2004


Vodafone Group June

Discounting Technology

Saab Magazine, (pp41-43) 04 February/March

Plug in to broadband

The Independant, Michael Pollitt, 4th February 2004

The Office of the Future

Océ Dialogue, Issue 1/2004, Page 8/9


From R&d to r&D

European Business Forum, Issue 16 (pp19-21)Winter 2003/4,

Tech in 2004 - Opinion

Bt.com/talking business, Nov/Dec p9,

Telecoms On The Cusp

ITU Telecom World 2003 Daily Newspaper, Sunday 12 October 2003, Page 44

Has tech finally turned the corner?

RethinkingGroup.com, Rowan Gibson, October 2003

The All-Seeing Future

The World Technology Summit 2003

I See London; I See France...

CIO Magazine, Chris Lindquist, 7th July 2003

NN Launch Attracts a Crowd

Norfolk Network enewsletter, 7th June 2003

Killer App? 3G Will Be 'Lucky To Find Any App'

Mobile News, Stuart McWilliam, 24th March 2003

High-Profile Telecom Technologies Deliver Below Expectations

ACW Online, Jorina Choy, 17th February 2003

The Technologist

BA Business Life, page 47, 3rd February 2003


Pundits' Hits and Misses

The Wall Street Journal Europe, Kevin J. Delaney, 27 September 2002

New horizons for a real estate industry

CoreNet Global Conference - 18th September 2002

The Challenge of Balance: Can We Manage Technology's Relentless Pace?

CoreNet Global Conference, By Richard Kadzis - 18th September 2002

Resolve Broadband Problems Firms Urged

EADT, July 9 2002

Scientist Predicts 'Parasitic' Networks

The Star-Ledger, April 12 2002

Wearables, Whereables, Wereables

LOOP - Diamond Link Mag Japan, February


British Telecom Engineering Journal, (Vol 3 Part 1, pp88), January - March

Intelligence & Life - Real or Artificial?

Peter Cochrane ConceptLabs CA, Co-Founder

Who goes there?

Journal of Communication Network, Vol 1/2 To be published

New World Network Scenarios

World Network Scenarious (pp37 - 40), Ultimate Telecom Futures, Horizon House UK, January

The Cyborgs Are Coming

Peter Cochrane ConceptLabs CA, Co-Founder