The unique insights and experience I bring to the solution of technology, people, and operational problems have been hard won over many years dealing with technological change and intensifying market pressures.  As a consultant I am often employed as a last resort to tackle problems that have defeated conventional thinking.  My international reputation is founded on an ability to craft solutions that are both practical and cost effective in the long term. This can involve everything from strategic threat analysis through to detailed technology, organizational design, and roll out. I am also in demand as a speaker at international conferences and events, with regular invitations to present at engineering and business schools worldwide.



My extended education in science, engineering and technology was a seminal period of my life augmented by practical application and problem solving in industry. It also proved to be a key component of my professional career with decades of R&D, manufacturing, operational, commercial, management and board room challenges.   In turn this developed my abilities in describing and presenting complex technology, systems and and management choices in a manner that leaders and people can quickly grasp and understand.  Another key outcome is that I always focus on finding what will actually work in practice, rather some theoretical ideal.




During my working life I have enjoyed a wide variety of experiences as a TV repair man, cable installer, lineman, software coder, hardware designer, R&D engineer, manager and board member.  This has included the design of the first Gbit chip, the writing of machine code as well as high level software, the design of test equipment, laying optical fibre cables across the Atlantic;  artificial intelligence, complex systems and human interfaces.   I also enjoyed building and running of R&D and manufacturing operations.  This all led to a considerable experience as a consultant across most economic sectors, and as an entrepreneur and investor I have also created and managed numerous start up companies. I have also participated in education & academic programs at an international level for over 30 years.



Technology should be our servant and not the other way around, but we have to be accepting of the change and advances it offers and be prepared to plot new routes to success.  But in doing this we have to take care to inform and educate our politicians, leaders, managers and people as well as the wider populous.

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