Curriculum Vitae

Dr Peter Cochrane OBE, BSc, MSc, PhD, DSc, CGIA, FREng, FRSA, FIEE, FIEEE, FITP
Born: 11 July, 1946
Occupation: Cochrane Associates Co-Founder, Chairman & Director, Business Angel & Consultant

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(F) None
(M)   +44 (0)7747 863013      


- Trent Polytechnic
· CNAA BSc Hons (1st), Electrical Engineering 1968-73
- Essex University
· MSc Telecommunications Systems - 1974-76
· PhD Telecoms Transmission - 1976-79
· DSc Electronics Systems Design - 1978-91


1977: Chartered Engineer (CEI)
1977: Member Institution of Electrical Engineering (MIEE)
1987: Fellow (FIEE)
1983: Member Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers (MIEEE)
1987: Senior Member (SMIEEE)
1992: Fellow (FIEEE)
1994: Fellow of The Royal Academy of Engineering (FREng)
1995: Member of The New York Academy of Sciences
2000: Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts(FRSA)
2014: Life Member (FIEEE)
2015: Fellow of Institute of Telecommunications Professionals (FITP)


Prizes & Awards

1973: IEE Prize for the Year BSc Hons Degree Trent Polytechnic Nottingham
1975: C&G Insignia Award
1986: IEE Electronics Division Premium for published papers
1990: Queen's Award for Innovation & Export for component production in the TAT8 and PTAT1 undersea cable systems
1994: IEE Computing and Control Premium for published papers
1994: IERE Benefactors Prize for published papers
1994: IBTE Prize for published paper
1994: Martlesham Medal for contributions to the development of fibre optics systems and networks
1995: Institute of Mining Engineers James Clerk Maxwell Memorial Medal
1996: IBTE Best Paper Prize
1996: Essex University Honorary Degree - Doctor of the University
1996: Stafford University Honorary Degree - Doctor of Technology
1999: Robert Gordon Honorary Degree - Doctor of Technology
1999: Nottingham Trent University Honorary Degree - Doctor of Engineering
1999: OBE for contributions to international communications
2000: IEEE Millennium Medal
2001: The City & Guilds Prince Philip Medal for Individual Achievement
2002: Brunel University Honorary Degree - Doctor of Engineering
2004: University of Abertay Dundee - Doctor of Technology
2007: CNET Industry Award for Contributions to UK Technology


Academic Appointments

1972: Part Time Lecturer People's College, Nottingham - City & Guilds.
1978: Invited Visiting Professor To CNET Summer School on Theory and Practice of Time Domain Measurements Lannion University, France.
1980-90: Visiting Industrial Professor To NELP Electrical Engineering Dept Polytechnic of East London, Barking Precinct, Dagenham.
1981-91: Scientific Collaborator To The University Of Liege, Belgium Department of Electronic Engineering
1985-95: Industrial Visiting Fellow To UCNW At Bangor School of Electronic Engineering Science.
1988-99: Visiting Professor To Essex University Department of Electronic Systems Engineering.
1990-94: Robert Gordon'S Institute Of Technology External Examiner for CNAA MSc in Information Systems.
1991-95: Nottingham Polytechnic External Examiner for BSc Electrical Eng
1991-94: Visiting Professor To Southampton University Opto-electronics Research Centre.
1991-96: Honorary Professor Of Communication & Electronics & Court Member At The University Of Kent Electronic Engineering Laboratories.
1994-99: Visiting Professor To University College London IT Systems Centre
1997-99: Member of the Oxford University Advisory Council on Further Education
1999-00: Collier Chair For The Public Understanding Of Science & Technology University of Bristol
2000-02: MIT Media Lab PhD External Examiner
2001-04: MIT Media Lab Europe Dublin External Advisor
2001-06: Honorary Prof to Robert Gordon University School of Engineering Aberdeen
2005-08: Visiting Professor of Electronic Engineering Queen Mary University, London

Visiting Professor to University of Hertfordshire School of Engineering and Technology


Visting Lecturer CASS Business School London


Visiting Professor University of Suffolk


Academic Activities

External Supervisor to MSc and PhD Students at Essex, NELP, Kent, RGIT Aberdeen, UCL, Stafford, MIT 1980-2001. External Examiner for BSc, MSc and PhD Students at Essex, Cambridge, Leeds, Trent, RGIT, Indian National Technology Institute and MIT 1983-2003. Chairman of London Colleges Telecoms MSc Board 1995-97. Member of Oxford University Advisory Council on Continuing Education 1997-98


Lectures And Presentations

Numerous lectures have been presented on telecoms system theory, design, realisation, measurements, operations, MMI, HMI, IT, social, plus business and environmental implications at universities and polytechnics world-wide, including: Cambridge, Oxford, Edinburgh, Essex, Kent, Loughborough, Manchester, NELP, Nottingham, Robert Gordon's, Trent, UCNW, York, LSE, Cranfield, South Bank, Reading, Aston, Southampton, Edinburgh, Leeds, Manchester, UMIST, City, Brunel, Surrey, Exeter, Huddersfield, ENT Paris, Renne, Liege, Toronto, Rutgers, Edmonton, Sydney, Imperial College, UCL, UEA, Mayo Clinic, Stirling, MIT, Bradford, Bournemouth, Dundee, Vienna, Birkbeck, LBS, Georgetown, Open University UK, Queen Mary College, University of London, Harvard Business School, Santa Fe Institute, IIT New Delhi, NJIT Newark NJ, Smithsonian Washington DC, Ashridge, IESE Madrid, GeorgiaTech, IIT Chicago, University of Abartey, South Thames College,Coventry, Khalifa University, Judge Business School, CASS Business School, LNMIIT Jaipur,  IIT Delhi, Bedford University, Abertay Dundee


IEEE Activities
Transactions Reviewer, 1985 - 2001
Journal of Lightwave Technology Reviewer, 1987 - 1995
Conference Papers Co-ordinator, 1987 - 1992
Conference Organiser, 1993 - 1996
Spectrum Editor, 1994 - 1997
Special Issue Proceedings Editor, 1997
Editorial Board Member, Proceedings of the IEEE, 1998 - 2001
Invited Proceeding and ComSoc Magazine Author 2003 - 2012


IEE Activities
Electronics Letter Reviewer, 1979 - 1999
Proceedings Reviewer, 1983 - 1995
Proceedings Guest Editor, 1986
Vacation School Organiser, 1983 - 93
Conference Chairman Organiser MTTS-85, 1985
Professional Group Member/Chairman, 1981 - 86
Book Committee Member, 1990 - 93
Science Education & Technology Board Member, 1990 - 93
Guest Editor for Optical Communications Series ECE Journal, 1993 - 95 


ITP Activities
Martlesham Centre - Chairman, 1990 - 91
Martlesham Centre - Committee Member, 1991 - 92
National and Christmas Lecture Presenter, 1988 - 94
Guest Editor for 21st Century Futures Series, 1994 - 98


Institute Of Physics
Book Proposal and Manuscript Advisor, 1994 - 1998
Published Papers Reviewer, 1995 - 1997


Royal Society
Conference Organiser, 1993 - 95
Lecture Programme Organiser, 1993 - 95


Royal Academy Of Engineering
Spring Soiree Organiser, 1997
University & College Programme Presenter 1999
External Affairs Committee Member 2012 - 2015


Other Activities

1980: Technical Expert To The United Nations; One man UNIDO mission (6 weeks) Marmara Research Institute, Gebze near Istanbul, Turkey.
1980: Technical Collaborator To The NBS, Boulder, Colorado; Investigation of time domain techniques for the characterisation of jitter.
1986: Visiting Scientist To The 5Th Research Institute, Chengdu, China; 3 weeks' lecture tour at the invitation of the Chinese government.
1989: IEE Measurements Lecture; Invited to present the 1989 SET Division lecture on "The Role of Measurements in Optical Fibre Systems".
1990: EUROPACE; Televised two lectures on Telecommunications Systems and Networks for distribution within the EEC via satellite network.
1991: Soviet Light Wave Journal; Member of Technical Advisory Panel.
1993: National Engineering Consortium USA; Invited Advisory Committee Member for telecommunications development.
1993: EEC Iv Framework Information Engineering Programme; Invited Consultant on Initial Panels - Prepared First Direction Reports.
1994: Uk Government DTI Foresight Programme; Contributor to IT Stream.
1995: Engineering & Physical Science Research Council; College Member.
1995: CSC Vanguard: Invited as a contributing member for telecomms & IT.
1996: Series Editor for Chapman Hall Book Series on Telecommunications.
CSC Vanguard: Elected as an Advisory Board Member.
Marconi Fellowship: Elected to the Award Selection Committee
Virtual Reality Magazine: Member of the editorial Board
1997: Applemaster: Invited to join a very select group of Apple Macintosh users
1998: TTI Vanguard: Advisory Board Member
Personal Technologies Editorial Board
EU Information Society Technologies Programme; Appointed to the Advisory Group
1999: Concours Programme: Technology, Systems & Management Advisor
2002: Mahindra BT: Technology & Futures Advisor
2003/4/5: Motorola: Visionary Board Member
2005: Biosciences Future Forum (BFF): Expert Group Member
2005: Editorial Board Member
2007: Observer/Courvoisier Future 500 Expert Judge
2012 - 2013 REGUS Brand Ambassador and Working Practices Advisor
2013: First Woman in Science and Technology
Member of The Judging Panel and Trophy Presenter 2013
2013:  Qatar Foundation Research and Development - Computing Research Institute Advisory Committee Member
2014: CSC LEF Program Adviser and Presenter


Publications, Radio & Tv


Over 400 scientific and engineering papers, patents, press articles, edited books and chapters. Over 300 national and international appearances on radio and TV. Regular contributor to the Times, Telegraph, Guardian, and The Australian newspapers plus Wired Magazine, T3, Intelligence and Weekly Diamond Magazines. Extensive citations in technical and non technical press.


Professional History

Dates Position (Staff numbers/Budget £M)
Dec 2006 - Present: Cochrane Associates - Chairman, Co Founder +Consultant +Entrepreneur
During 2005/6 Peter consolidated his various investments and holdings, and resigned from a number of operations in the USA and UK. He also exited some companies and operations in order to rationalize and refocus his overall activities. This culminated in the formation of Cochrane Associates in partnership with his wife Jane, and together they recruited a raft of talented individuals in a virtualized operation spanning the planet ( This new company offers a range of consultancy, research, and development, design and build services. Peter also continued to invest in new starts, consult and present lectures in industry and academia across a broad range of technology, organization, and people topics.
Dec 2000 - 2006: Concept Labs CA - Co Founder +Consultant +Entrepreneur
On the 30th of November 2000 Peter retired from BT after a 38 years to join a company he founded with a team out of the Apple Advanced Technology Group in late 1998. ConceptLabs is dedicated to the creation of new paradigm changing technologies, companies and markets - and does not address mature areas already populated by major players. From 1998 - 2000 Peter had dedicated his spare time and money to creating new companies for the 21st Century. From December 2000 he focused on the creation of start-up companies on 4 continents with contributions in the Cambridge, Ipswich, London Hi-Tech Triangle and Research Triangle Park North Carolina.

Peter is also an independent business angel, and advisor who founds and assists new ventures. A recognised international speaker with the Leigh Bureau out of NJ, he is also a broadcaster and writer, and consultant to a wide rage of international companies.

April 1999 - Nov 2000: Chief Technologist BT (26/3.2)
Created a new Communications Consultant Group concerned with charting the long-term future of technology, society, and BT. This new group is dedicated to the support of BT and Corporate Clients in the management of technology, systems and organisational change on a global scale.
Apr 1994 - 1999: Head of Research, BT Laboratories (660/60)
Expanded research department to include all BT corporate programmes and advanced development including radio, mobile, visual and speech systems, artificial life, artificial intelligence, human factors, VR, visualisation, new services, telemedical, education and training, switching and network management, control and practices, wearable computers, agents, publishing.
Jul 1993 - Apr 1994: BT Research Laboratories General Manager (620/40)
Promoted to head the Research department at BT laboratories with 620 staff dedicated to the study of future transmission, switching and interface technologies, systems, networks, AI, IT and services. Also became the Development and Procurement Board Member for Technology.
Mar 1992 - Jul 1993: BT Labs Divisional Manager Systems Research (100/6)
Expanded Division to encompass, optical wireless, visualisation of complex systems, display and media studies, virtual reality, novel network management and control techniques, 3D dynamic visualisation, endoscopy, robotics, prosthetics, telepresense, decision support & AI.
Jan 1991 - Mar 1992: BT Labs Divisional Manager Systems Research (60/3)
Formed a new Division and initiated studies on: the balance of hardware and software risk in future systems, networks and applications; cost benefit analysis of PDH, SDH, WDM, ATM, self-organising systems and networks, artificial life, new forms of software, services, non-linear system design.
Sep 1987 - Jan 1991: BTRL Divisional Manager Optical Networks (174/25)
Responsible for coherent optical systems and photonic amplifiers R&D with the key opto-electronic components migrated to production by BT&D. Field demonstration of full duplex and WDM systems on undersea and terrestrial cables. Introduced the concept of the Transparent Optical Network with installed trial systems in the London Network. Optical TDM at rates up to 20Gbit/s and soliton propagation also demonstrated with transmission over 10,000 fibre km. Developed and supplied optical receivers for STC TAT-8 and PTAT 1 systems. This programme resulted in the Division gaining the Queen's Award to Industry for Technical Innovation and Export in 1990.
Aug 1983 - Sep 1987: BTRL Head of Section (66/12)
Development and down streaming to manufacture of PSTN data modems, ISDN terminal equipment's, 565 Mbit/s optical system, synchronous multiplexing and local line systems. PON development and introduced the concept of removing switching systems through the use of WDMA/TDMA/CDMA strategies.
1979 - 1983: British Post Office Research Labs Head of Group (7/0.4)
Developed supervisory and timing extraction system for the TAT8 trans-Atlantic system. Responsible for developing new measurement techniques for optical fibre undersea and terrestrial cable systems.
1975 - 1979: British Post Office Research Labs Executive Engineer (5/0.3)
Coaxial and pair cable transmission system development and measurement technique studies.
1973 - 1975: British Post Office Research Labs Executive Engineer (7/0.25)
System X switching system and test equipment development & production.
1969 - 1973: British Post Office Student Engineer
1962 - 1969: British Post Office Technician System Maintenance



Involved in numerous manufacturing, production, testing, surveying and supply activities with BT, DuPont, MITEL, STC, DOD and MOD from 1987 - 92. 

Responsible for R&D, design, production and supply of components, systems and equipment for special needs of the opto-electronic and cable industry. Consultant to several Business Angels, Banking and Retail, Education and Training.

Involved in the creation of new businesses outside the BT business envelope including business banking, mobile computing, electronic publishing and travel.


New Ways Of Working

From 1992 initiated a series of new working practices within BT and with customers to change the working relationship and operating paradigm. Participated in over 450 customer workshops and delivered over 1000 presentations in the UK and abroad between 1992 and 2000.


Back to Innovation

Starting in 2011 engagements with companies and governments accelerated amongst those wishing to get back to innovation. A number of radical models and approaches were developed including culture change, financing and getting to market fast. On every occasion significant changes and advancements were achieved despite the demands of markets, established wisdom and financial constraints.


  1. Sea Bed Mapping with SL Sonar and Signal Processing, May 1977
  2. Digital Transmission and Signal Processing for SONAR Fish, Nov 1983
  3. Digital and Data Transmission Techniques for Computer Coms, Aug 1983
  4. Crystal Oscillator Thermal Stability, April 1983
  5. Data Modem Design for the PSTN, April 1984
  6. Optical Fibre TV System Design and Installation for Expo 86, Canada
  7. Optical Device Applications, October 1986
  8. Optical Fibre Transmission for Undersea ROV, May 1987
  9. Optical Receiver for OTDR, May 1988
  10. Network Surveillance Equipment, June 1988
  11. An Audit of the ASDSPN/ASPRIN, April 1989
  12. Future Optical Networks, July 1989
  13. An Audit of Network Planning Processes, Sept 1990
  14. Future Services & Facilities, May 1991
  15. Billing in the 90s, November 1991
  16. Data Visualisation, December 1992
  17. Framework IV-Information Engineering, EEC Luxembourg, August 1993
  18. Book Series, December 1993
  19. Book Series, January 1994
  20. Networks Training Course, May 1994
  21. Telecommunications Futures, June 1994
  22. Re-engineering Organisations, May 1995
  23. The City in 2020, June 1995
  24. Universities Programme Audit, Sept 1995
  25. The Future of Telemedicine, November 1995
  26. Property Markets and The Future of Retail, Dec 1995
  27. The Electronic Town Hall, June 1996
  28. Management of Local Government, May 1996
  29. Corporate HQ Design - Communications Needs, Sept 1996
  30. The Future of Business & IT, Nov 1997
  31. The Future of Telecommunications, Nov 1997
  32. Technology Futures Seminar, Jan 1998
  33. Managing Research, Jan 1998
  34. Oil Industry Futures, Feb 1998
  35. Energy Sector Futures, March 1998
  36. Financial Market Systems, April 1998
  37. Automotive Futures, June 1988
  38. HealthCare Technologies, Oct 1998
  39. Global Finance Ecommerce, Jan 1999
  40. Net Security, Feb 1999
  41. The future of the Card Business, March 1999
  42. Network Evolution Planning, Sep 1999
  43. Trading Environments,Oct 1999
  44. Banking Futures, Dec 1999
  45. Speech Portals, Feb 2000
  46. Remote Medical Sensing, May 2000
  47. Free Space Optical Communications, Sept 2000
  48. Universal Voice Recognition, Nov 2000
  49. High Speed Fibre Optic System Topology, Jan 2001
  50. WDM & Laser Pump Technology, April 2001
  51. Opto-Electronic Component Manufacture, Sept 2001
  52. The future of 3G, October 2001
  53. WiFi - 802.11 in the Last Mile, December 2001
  54. Logistic and Security, February 2002
  55. The future of the Telecoms Industry, August 2002
  56. Future Real Estate for Science, Technology, Engineering and Business, Oct 2002
  57. WLAN & Mobile futures, Dec 02
  58. Outsourcing for Telephone Companies, Jan 03
  59. The Future of R&D in The eBusiness Space, March 03
  60. Intelligent Network Futures, June 03
  61. Telecoms & IT - The Third Wave, August 03
  62. RFID in Logistics, November 03
  63. Energy Security, February 04
  64. Security Aspects of Distributed Companies, July 04
  65. Supporting eCompanies at a Distance, September 04
  66. AI Applied to Emergency Planning, December 04
  67. Dynamic Sensing, March 05
  68. eAccess Customer Security, July 05
  69. Remote Banking Security, Aug 05
  70. Dataflow Management, November 05
  71. Biometric Recognition, January 06
  72. NanoTech - Grey Goo Threat, March 06
  73. BioComputing - Living Machines, May 06
  74. The future of Retail, July 06
  75. Innovation in Postal services, August 06
  76. Aero-Space Industry Threats, November 06
  77. New Opportunities in The Paper Industry, January 06
  78. The Efficient Use of The Radio Spectrum, February 06
  79. DSL Technologies & FTTF, April 07
  80. Passive Wireless Repeaters for GSM, May 07
  81. Defence Futures, August 07
  82. Risks in Concentrated Manufacturing, Nov 07
  83. Biological Threat Modelling Feb 08
  84. Slip Ring Free Engine Cavity Sensor Power, July 08
  85. Acoustic Sensor Analysis, Oct 08
  86. Stealth Boat Detection, March 09
  87. Cloud Computing - The Reality, May 09
  88. Multi-Sensor ID Systems, Aug 09
  89. Assessing Security Measures in The Cloud, November 09
  90. Cost Effective Fibre to The Premises, March 10
  91. Oil & Gas Pipeline Protection System Design, September 10 
  92.  Non-Linear Acoustic Filtering,  December 10
  93. Card and RFID Futures, February 11
  94. Logistics, Tracking and Business Models, June 11
  95. Integrated Retail - On and Off Line November 11
  96. Texting and Instant Messaging for Children's Charity Jan 2012 
  97. Cloud Computing Security March 2012
  98. Innovation in Defence Manufacturing May 2012
  99. The Future of Work  Sept 2012
  100. Inter Cloud Networking and Communication  Dec 2012
  101. Future R&D strategies, March 2013
  102. Infrastructure Migration, July 2013
  103. Long Range Acoustic Devices Design, Oct 2013
  104. Future R&D strategies, March 2013
  105. Infrastructure Migration, July 2013
  106. Long Range Acoustic Devices Design, Oct 2013
  107. The internet of Things, Jan 2014
  108. Telephone Line Plant Practice Review, June 2014
  109. Sniper Spotting in High Ambient Noise Conditions, October 2014
  110. National Healthcare Models and Operating Modes, March 2015
  111. ME National Deep Dive Security Audit,  October 2015

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